The Fairly OddParents Continuity Issue #1

The newest of the thousands examples of continuity issues on the show. 

Season 8 - “A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!” 

Cosmo (to Timmy): “Don’t forget to feed the dog!”

Wanda: “Cosmo, he doesn’t have a dog…”

(The movie takes place 13 years in the future)

Season 9 - “Fairly OddPet”

Introduces Timmy’s fairy dog “Sparky”.

Considering he’s a Fairy dog, and fairies are immortal, Wanda saying Timmy doesn’t have a dog becomes a continuity impossibility.

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    Maybe he loses him or Crocker takes Sparky away or something?
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    Well, technically, this “Sparky” character isn’t Timmy’s dog, per se; it’s likely he’s owned by Cosmo and Wanda and...
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    So basically, if this were Doctor Who, we would know something has to happen to that dog
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    The grown up version is a different time line. Remember the episodes with Timmy as an adult? They’re different than the...
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